Higher self vs ego self

It’s happening all the time and most people don’t notice

This topic inspired me while I was observing a woman unleashing her darkness within. This individual just received unsettling news that could potentially harm her business. It was an unpleasant and painful experience to watch this person attack the character of another who took a leap of faith to start all over again. That woman is a good person, but her behavior was definitely something that has the potential to ruin her life. What happened to her in that moment?

Her darkness within took control.

It is always there. Everyone has that side within themselves.The Darkness Within

They love the pleasure of being lazy and welcome procrastination as an opportunity to have fun today while sacrificing tomorrow. When the going gets tough, they call it quits just because it’s more comfortable to stop.

They like to talk about other people’s misfortune and sometimes celebrate it. They like to instill fear in others for their own selfish reasons. They like to take credit about their own success, especially at the expense of others. They like to justify when things are not going their way.

They LOVE drama, but don’t admit their support of it. They tend to be envious of other people’s success and will try to sabotage it at every opportunity. They will be doubtful and skeptical about everything so that they can crush hope.

They often mislead or lie so they can guide themselves down an easier road. They’re always willing to take shortcuts because it’s easier instead of doing what’s right. They will cheat and hide too so they can avoid the fallout of the truth.

Whenever they make a mistake, they either blame others or dwell on the mistakes. They will sacrifice their integrity to get what they want. When they have money or power, they are likely to abuse it by gaining authority and use it for their own benefit.

They always increase their chatter when you’re about to make that step forward off the edge because they don’t like the unknown and are comfortable with the status quo.

What is that side?

Have you ever seen one of those cartoons where there is the miniature angel on the character’s shoulder and the miniature devil on the other side?

Well, that side being described is that miniature devil or, as Brandon Broadwater calls it, the “Hyena”. It can be so subtle that you don’t always notice that it’s running (or ruining) your life. It can be as simple as your subconscious mind doing all the driving for you while you are not completely aware of what’s going on.

Kinda scary, ‘eh?

Imagine the devil within you taking the wheel of your bus and taking you to places that you don’t want to go. These places are always disguised as someplace fun like a rock concert or amusement park, but in reality it was taking you to a prison. It was only trapping you into the life of mediocrity by working hard only to barely scrape by.

Do not fear! There are solutions to tame the Hyena.

The light on the other side.

Enlightened Lion
The good news is that the little “angel” sits on the other side of the shoulder and is always available, ready to take control of the steering wheel. That side is the “Lion” within you, as Brandon would say.

They are peaceful, joyful Beings with a great heart yearning to serve others. They are always humble and meek and they learn and grow from their mistakes. They are always grateful for what life has to offer.

They always do their very best and always fulfill their commitments. They are always honest and true regardless of the cost.

They are happy for the good things that happen to others and always support them on their journey. They care for the unfortunate and always listen to others as they speak.

They choose to act with integrity in all their actions, and they highly value their character. They always show respect to others, regardless of who they are.

They welcome change with open arms and are fearless when they step over the edge of opportunity with all the worries and concerns being hurled their way.

Is there a way to instantly shift from the “Hyena” to the “Lion”?

So now that you know what the difference are between the two sides.
When negative circumstances happen and our emotions can easily get caught on the dark side, it is a challenge to shift towards the light. Imagine someone giving you bad news that threatens your happiness and your survival instincts kick in.

You defend your reasoning and then place blame on others while justifying the circumstances. Being all riled up in anger and pain, so upset you either want to throw a punch or run away. Fight or flight. Does this sometimes happen to you?

What if there is a way you can use this one simple thing to instantly shift into the enlightened Lion?

Wouldn’t you want to know how?

Brandon Broadwater explains that one simple thing at “Master Your Power Within” event. That alone is worth more than the price of admission.

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