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This Health Blog is beginning to thrive!

First of all, welcome to the year Twenty Fifteen! This is an interesting period of our lives as the world is dealing with multiple challenges that were unheard of a generation ago. We are in the midst of the information age where new bits of information is instantly being shared internationally. Remember the days of being glued to our televisions (or radios) waiting anxiously for the latest announcement (if you’re one of those older folks who lived the before the existence of Internet)?  Ahhh, the good old days of big tube TVs, VCRs, and corded telephones.  Technology was so much simpler then.

Despite the increasingly complexities of today’s world and the challenges that seems so daunting that we can’t even comprehend how big it is (hello global warming), it is also a time of tremendous progression for the good of humanity. Right now governments, corporations, and individuals are dealing with greater transparencies than ever imagined before as it is increasingly difficult to hide the truth from all…which is wonderful for those who seek the truth. The contributors at This Health Blog are advocates for exposing the truth about our well-being and we are passionate educators who want to share what they know with those who want to improve their well-being.

Growing by another two

I am excited and grateful to share with you the two latest additions to This Health Blog’s growing collection of powerful writers.

Some of you may have noticed one of our newest posts earlier this month about why people struggle with their weight loss New Year’s resolution and how they can overcome them. This excellent article was written by one of  This Health Blog’s newest contributors, Darlene Downing.

Darlene is an extremely dedicated well-being coach for passionate women who are committed to their life mission. She assists women in maximizing their bodies so that they can serve at their optimal conditioning that allows them to maximize their results. Darlene is also the brainchild behind the Empowered Embodiment Video Series, a wonderful collection of videos of 23 influential ladies dedicated to liberate women from their bodies by sharing their transformational training sessions and tools. You can learn more about Darlene Downing at her profile.

The other talented writer is an expert in Classical Raja Yoga and and she has mastered a technique that releases muscle fiber knots. This is a powerful tool for everyone who experiences knotted pain within their muscles. This is not just a symptom that affects dedicated athletes, it is a symptom that everyone experiences…and this writer is a passionate teacher of freeing individuals from their knots.  This yoga teacher is JoAnne Schuab. who is also the founder of TriggerPoint Yoga. You can find out more about JoAnne at her profile.

Making things interesting for you!

Here in the research and development facility deep below ThisHealthBlog’s headquarters, we’ve discovered that our readers love to read interesting things!

Interesting things, what a concept! Upon this discovery, our most devoted researchers immediately dusted off and fired up our IdeaGenerator 2000 to find out what “interesting” things we can provide our dedicated readers. After a few kicks at it and some repairs, the machine finally spit out 2 mind-blowing ideas (at least it was to our faithful scientists).

The ideas were immediately incorporated to the sidebar of the website, so you may have noticed it already. They are:

  • Today’s Mind Medicine – Daily powerful quotes designed to provide a healthy dose of influential insight to boost our well-being.
  • This Health Blog Poll – Our latest tool to extract the insight of the brilliant minds of our visitors so that we can see what they know that we don’t. Plus, they think it’s fun! We will change the question every month, so if you have ideas for questions we can interrogate ask our visitors, please feel free to contact us 😉

Are You Interested in Writing for This Health Blog?

There is SO MUCH information that is just waiting to be shared with the world!  If you are an expert in the area of improving One’s well-being and your philosophy is in tune with our vision, we would love to have you contribute to This Health Blog!  Please contact us.

*note: the information found on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   Please review our Disclaimer for more information.
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