lousy-dayThat Long Lousy Day

Don’t you have one of those days when it seems like that from the very moment you woke up, your energy levels are low and everything seems like such an uphill struggle all day long? There can be hundreds if not thousands of different reasons why days like that happen.  I used to be a believer that it was beyond my control and I just have to go along with it while doing as little as possible to conserve energy.

Then one day I attended this event and I learned the some basic fundamentals that avoid such slump days. Since then I’ve developed a stronger awareness of the very things that either contributes to or prevents the life-sapping moments. From the experience of basic observations with an increased awareness, I have discovered that the following are 3 simple things that draw the life of our day:


3 Life Suckers:

1. Excessive sugar consumption:

Almost everything we consume contains some form of sugar and it’s not all bad since it does provide some benefits the body requires.  The problem is that there is so much added sugar in the food that is easily accessible that makes it easy to over consume sugar.  Sugar will give you a temporary jolt of energy only to cause the body to crash 30 minutes later.  Sugar also triggers the release of serotonin, a sleep regulator…  that sounds like life sucking stuff.

Source: www.lifehacker.com & www.prevention.com

Inactivity for long periods of time

People who are sedentary most often, such as sitting for long period of time or being on the road for most of the active day, have depressed moods, lowered self-esteem and low energy levels. There is an increasingly amount of research that indicates inactivity results in emotional tiredness, physical exhaustion, and reduced quality of life.  That’s a whole lot of life sucking going on there.

Source: www.matureresources.org

Poor self talk

Negative thinking and self-talk only adds fuel to the life draining effect of individuals. Self-talk has the power to control how we feel about ourselves and the things that happening around us. When a circumstance is hurting your life, negative self-talking only makes things worse by bringing you down, thus becoming less motivated which can then lead to more negative circumstances. That is a nasty vicious life-sucking cycle. Understanding this concept makes it easy to see how people can get depressed!

How to bust those slumps?

Busting the slumps out of our life can be as simple as doing the opposite of the 3 life suckers you just learned. It’s only the tip of the iceberg of understanding the full concept of living a full life. I most certainly cannot explain it all in one post, instead you can learn everything about how to live an abundant life in 3 days at “The Answer to Everything” event.

To change your life, you must change what you’re doing and it’s a lot easier to know what to do after you understand the Answer to Everything.

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