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The Birth of an Idea.

Just before the turn of the century, This is a Health Blog’s founder, Yanny, became a vegetarian in support of cruelty against animals because he had learned a lot about mass farming of them.  This convinced him to change his diet and left him to learn to love his veggies. (Believe it or not, before he vegged out, Yanny was a simple meat and potatoes eater who didn’t even like vegetables!)

Once he started eating cleaner, something interesting happened: the food he was eating started tasting better and he was feeling better and it lead to his increasing awareness of the true value of living a healthy lifestyle. This transformation inspired Yanny to be more conscious of his body and intuitively feeling what worked to improve his health.

For the most part of the first decade of 21st century, Yanny passively looked for and studied different statistics and research reports found in the newspaper. He remembers a lot of the information, but he never kept the information. Over that time he just simply tweaked his eating habits and eventually forgot why he was eating the way he did. Entering into the 2nd decade, with the help of his wife, he started collecting tidbits of information and had the vision of creating a website to store and share what he’s learned. Since then he started piecing together and evolving his vision into what became “This is a Health Blog”.

 So, What is this Health Blog?

This is a Health Blog will educate you on and show you how natural living is easily attainable by applying these simple habits over time. This website will also be a collection and storage house of detailed information for the tens of thousands — if not millions — of solutions to improve our well-being.

There will be a wide range of topics to improve your well-being ranging from such core topics as: Emotional, Environmental, Family, Financial, Gender, Mental,  Nutritional, Physical, Relationship and Spiritual Health.

So,whatever areas in your life you feel you’re struggling with, the answer can be discovered withing the pages of this resource site. The content will be carefully put together by a team of experts who are the masters of their teachings in their respective fields.

The Vision Statement:

To empower people to live their life and to be naturally in-tune with nature. To be a reputable, central source of legitimate and honest resources of information for all things health and wellness, and allowing the resources to provide simple true guidelines for individuals to consistently improve their overall quality of life.

The Mission Statement:

To educate and encourage living from the true roots of core health with high quality information.  Simplifying the healthy lifestyle through consistent, simple, and complete educational informational resources.  To empower and encourage individuals to consistently implement subtle changes toward improving their mind and body connection.

Our Philosophy:

We only permit true natural and organic solutions that do not mislead nor manipulate others.  We encourage and promote the wisdom of the experts in their respective fields on core topics.

We strive to provide the highest quality of information here so that it is of great value to you and those you care about.

Please contact us with additional information and/or leave your questions with us by clicking here

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